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We recently had the honor of working with acclaimed author and food writer Mark Bittman on his latest SMS course, ‘How to Eat Less Meat.’ For those of you who don’t know, Mark is the author of 18 books that cover various topics from vegan cooking to home entertaining, and he’s been featured in outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and Dr. Oz. He's a leader in the plant-based movement and has been for decades, so when we heard about his new course launch we couldn't wait to get involved!

What we've done

We worked closely with Mark Bittman to create a sales funnel for his new course, as well as produce social media graphics for him to use in promoting it. We wanted our work to reflect his mission and message of eating less meat but still have it be visually engaging.  We created an eye-catching website design that was simple yet effective at conveying what this course is all about — eating healthier without sacrificing taste or flavor.

We also developed several engaging social media graphics featuring quotes from Mark's book that were used across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mark Bittman is one of today's leading chefs and authors when it comes to healthy eating habits; so we were honored  to create an effective sales funnel for his latest course 'HOW TO EAT LESS MEAT'.

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