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Recently, we had the pleasure of working with legendary professional football player and sports broadcaster, Tim Tebow, to create a website sales funnel for his latest SMS course ‘Mission Possible.’ We were thrilled to be a part of this project, where we developed the website and produced social media graphics for him to promote his course. Let’s take a look at how we created an effective website for Tim Tebow and crafted compelling promotional graphics.

Developing a Sales Funnel Website

We created an impactful website that was tailored specifically to Tim Tebow’s needs. To kick off the development process, we did extensive research on the target audience. With this knowledge in hand, we then crafted content aimed at capturing the attention of potential customers who may be interested in signing up for ‘Mission Possible.’ We also designed various pages such as a welcome page, sales page, FAQ page, and thank you page that are all optimized for conversion rates. This ensured that visitors had an easy time navigating through the site while still being able to find what they needed quickly and efficiently.

Creating Engaging Promotional Graphics

Once the website was up and running, we then focused on creating promotional graphics for Tim Tebow to use on his social media platforms. Our goal was to capture people's attention with eye-catching visuals that would entice them to click through and visit his site. To achieve this, we implemented various design elements such as bold typography, vibrant colors, and high-quality images that helped convey the message behind ‘Mission Possible’ in a visually appealing way. Additionally, we also included CTAs (calls-to-action) throughout each graphic so that it would be easier for viewers to take action once they viewed the content.

Working with Tim Tebow on developing his ‘Mission Possible’ website was an incredible experience! We worked diligently to create an engaging website with promotional graphics that captured people's attention while still conveying the message behind his course effectively.

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