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Venture is a non-profit organization that works to provide aid and assistance to Burmese refugees living in Thailand. Recently, we were privileged enough to travel to Thailand and take videos and photographs of the people there. Our goal was not only to capture the everyday life of these courageous individuals but also give them dignity and hope through our photos. Let’s take a look at how we did it!

The Power of Storytelling

One way we sought out to bring dignity and hope to our subjects was through storytelling. We wanted our images and videos to tell powerful stories about the refugees’ experiences in Thailand, from the struggles they have faced to any successes they have achieved despite their circumstances. By creating an authentic narrative around each image or video, we managed to create something that resonates with viewers on an emotional level.

Capturing Joy

We also made sure to capture moments of joy—after all, it’s essential for any storyteller or photographer/videographer worth their salt! Photos that show smiles, laughter, and celebration are just as important as images that depict hardship. It allows us to show our audience that despite the struggles these individuals face on a daily basis, there is still beauty in life—and that there is still hope for brighter days ahead.

Highlighting Real Moments

Finally, we made sure to capture real moments throughout our travels in Thailand—moments that may appear mundane at first glance but when captured well can be incredibly powerful. For example, rather than having someone pose for a photo or video, we instead let them act naturally so they could tell their own story without being forced into any particular narrative or direction. We believe this approach gives our audience an honest window into the lives of these inspiring people who continue fighting against all odds every single day.

The goal of capturing videos and photos during our trip was ultimately two-fold; yes, we wanted beautiful visuals for Venture’s website but more importantly, we wanted those visuals tell compelling stories about the resilience of Burmese refugees living in Thailand—stories full of dignity and hope. Through storytelling, capturing joyous moments, and highlighting real-life happenings during our travels abroad; we were able to do just that! We are proud of what we accomplished during our time in Thailand and look forward to continuing this work in other parts of the world soon!

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